Wihp Up another Free Pattern!

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Today Imagine That… quilts is featured on whipup.net. Click here to see Philip does the Mowing. It is a bit of a tongue in cheek quilt about my son, who (sometimes) does the mowing, but doesn’t always manage to mow in straight lines. My husband just smiles and thanks him for his help. I found a photo where he was wearing a hat and printed it onto printable fabric. The printed photo doesn’t look too bad at all with the hat included!


Thank you so much to Kathreen who organises and maintains whipup.net. What a fabulous resource it is for all crafty types!


In Print

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If you look inthe current issue of the Australian Quilters Companion magazine (volume 35) you’ll find some beautiful photos of three Imagine That… quilts.


The magazine editors contacted me in September to ask if they could write a profile about me. At that time Imaigne That… quilts was just a glimmer of an idea in my mind. I had made three quilts – my nieces and nephew – and I had ideas for more, but I didn’t quite know how the final project would look. The interview questions provided to me proved to be just the catalyst that I needed to make this a reality.

I responded to all questions asked of me using Imagine That… quilts as my focus. As soon as I had done that I went looking for someone who could make my website, started drawing, making, quilting and binding lots more quilts, making logos and writing and designing patterns. It was a very busy few months.

In the Quilters Companion article I compared the process that I use to design these quilts to the way I used to make paper dolls and their numerous outfits when I was a child. I loved the Make and Do volume of the Childcraft Encyclopedia set that we owned. There were templates in there that could be used to make the paper dolls. I fancied myself quite a fashion designer as I made a coloured clothes for my dolls to wear. I have no doubt that this is what lead me to want to make my own clothes as a teen and to buy my own sewing machine with all my savings when I was seventeen. From there I moved to quilting.

It seems these little quilts have brought me full circle. Imagine that…

PS down to the last week to enter the competition to have an Imagine That… quilt made for you. Don’t forget to enter!

You Are All Very Clever…

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I thought I was being so very tricky in revealing just a tiny part of the photo of the next pattern, but you are very clever! Lots of people know what the next Imagine That… quilt will be. I’m not going to reveal the whole thing to you yet, though. You’ll need to wait until after the competition has been drawn on the 1st of February. I will, however give you just one more little clue, one more little glimpse.


Both Joyce and Casey  have introduced themselves and their blogs on the Imagine That… quilts forums. They are both new to quilting. I am always trying to ‘convert’ people to quilting. It is the most fabulous way to spend your time and I can never imagine why every one on Earth wouldn’t want to be a quilter! This prompted me to post a new topic to the forums. It is called New to quilting? Ask a question here. I thought this was a good place for new quilters to get information and for “old” quilters to share their experience.

So Joyce, Casey and any one else who hasn’t made a quilt… yet. Go ahead and ask question. Someone will know the answer.

Happy quilting, Tracey.

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