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Yesterday the wonderful James – my computer guy – made me a button to put into my sidebar. See it over there? If you click it you will be taken straight to the Imagine That.. quilts website. If you would like a button like that for your sidebar, then you are most welcome to add one. This is the html that you will need to make one:

<a href=”http://imaginethatquilts.com/” title=”Imagine that…”><img width=”180″ height=”70″ border=”0″ src=”http://imaginethatquilts.com/artwork/colour_imagine_that_180.jpg” alt=”Imagine that… Logo” /></a>
Just copy and paste it, if you would like to.


Twolimesleaves is the first brave member of the Imagine That… quilts community to add a post to the forums. Well done Kirsty. She has left a link to her blog there. Why don’t you go to visit her. She is also looking forward to meeting other quilting bloggers through the forum, so why not become a member and let us know about your blog.
Two new Imagine That… quilt designs will be available soon. One quilt is finished and the pattern is being written now. The other is still to be quilted and bound, but won’t be far behind.
The first new pattern will be released after the competition is drawn on the first of February. If you haven’t entered yet, don’t forget to do so!

Here’s a little teaser from the new pattern…






Do you think you can guess what it is?


Hello world!

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Welcome to my brand new venture – Imagine That… quilts.

I am Tracey and I am a quilt designer.


This blog supports my website – imaginethatquilts.com, where you can view and even purchase patterns of my designs. You can also view my designs here by clicking on the Patterns link at the top of the page.

The Quilts:

So… what are Imagine That… quilts? They are a new concept in quilted wallhangings for children. I have created imaginary scenes around a photograph of a child’s face printed onto printable fabric . In these quilts your child can be anything that they imagine – a pirate, a fairy, an astronaut, a princess. The list is unlimited, just like the imagination of a child.

The quilts are quick and easy to make. Perfect for even the beginning quilter. They use applique, no piecing and are small enough to hang on a bedroom wall.

The look on the face of a child when you present them with their very own Imagine That… quilt is priceless. I started making these for my nieces and nephews and their squeals of delight have made every single stitch worthwhile.

The Website:

This is exciting!

Not only is the website the place where you can see and purchase patterns, it is also a place to let you interact with other quilters. Become a member and you can upload photographs of your completed Imagine That… quilts to the gallery. Be proud of your finished work and show it off to everyone! You can view the quilts of others and leave them a comment about their outstanding work. You can download free tutorials to help you make your Imagine That… quilt. You can ask questions and request advice via The Studio – the online forum for members of the Imagine That… community.

Once you are a member you will find free patterns and other bonuses in the Members area – join now it costs nothing and there’s a really sweet free pattern there already!

Here is the fabulous thing – when you purchase a pattern, you can have it straight away. You don’t have to wait for me to send it to you or look out for the mail delivery. The pattern is delivered to your profile as a downloadable PDF. You can just print it off yourself – straight away! You’ll find the patterns very detailed. All of the drawings are at the correct size – there’s no re-scaling on a photocopier needed. You can purchase and make your Imagine That… quilt all on the same day! Too easy.

I need to thank James, my website designer and a very patient man, who has done the most fantastic job setting this system up for me. You’ll find it quick and easy to navigate. You’ll find that making a purchase or a download, uploading your own photos and visiting the forum is very simple.

The Competition:

Oh, the excitement just continues!

The launch of a new venture needs a competition – one with a fabulous prize that YOU could win.

What is that prize? I will make you your very own Imagine That… quilt using the photograph of a special little person in your life. You can choose any design that you like.


Your very own original Imagine That… quilt made by the designer! Who can resist a prize like that?

Want to enter? Here’s what you have to do. Simply write a post on your blog about this prize and link it back to here. Leave me a comment here to let me know that you have done it. If you don’t have a blog, that’s OK. Become a member of the Imagine That… quilts community, then leave me a comment to let me know you’ve done it and you can enter too. You can copy and paste the above photo to illustrate your blog post if you want to.

Using the power of connection between bloggers I hope we can spread the word about Imagine That… quilts far and wide. This competition will be drawn on the 1st of February, but don’t wait too long to get your entry in.

I am so looking forward to meeting all of you through the Imagine That… quilts community.

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