Printing photos onto Fabric

January 30, 2009 at 11:32 am | Posted in advice | 1 Comment

Muppet’s Mum emailed me to ask a very sensible question – it might be one on your mind too.
She wondered if you need a special printer to print your photos onto fabric.

The simple answer is – no, you don’t. You do, however, have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. There are lots of different brands of printable fabric around. The one I use is 100% cotton 200 thread count. This refers to the closeness of the threads that make up the fabric. This is important. The denser the treads, the better the photo will print.

I take my photos into MS Publisher and manipulate them there, but you could use any photo manipulation software. I crop the photo so that only the face is visible, then turn it to grey scale. You might need to adjust the contrast if it looks washed out. I change the size of the photo so that the face is about 5cm (2 1/2inches) wide. At this stage I usually print one off on paper, cut it out and audition it on the body just to check the size and colour. If you’re happy, then you’re ready to use the printable fabric.

The fabric comes in pre-cut sheets that can run straight through an inkjet printer. I always print on the highest standard that my printer will allow. I give it some time to dry, then iron the fusible webbing onto the back and cut out around the face.

Fuse it to the background and you’re finished.

Too easy!
Happy quilting, Tracey

Feel free to email me for any support that you need in making these quilts. I will answer here and in the forums, as well as return your email.

PS last days for the competition!!


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  1. Tracey, thanks so much for answering my query, this helps a lot.

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