You Are All Very Clever…

January 23, 2009 at 5:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I thought I was being so very tricky in revealing just a tiny part of the photo of the next pattern, but you are very clever! Lots of people know what the next Imagine That… quilt will be. I’m not going to reveal the whole thing to you yet, though. You’ll need to wait until after the competition has been drawn on the 1st of February. I will, however give you just one more little clue, one more little glimpse.


Both Joyce and Casey  have introduced themselves and their blogs on the Imagine That… quilts forums. They are both new to quilting. I am always trying to ‘convert’ people to quilting. It is the most fabulous way to spend your time and I can never imagine why every one on Earth wouldn’t want to be a quilter! This prompted me to post a new topic to the forums. It is called New to quilting? Ask a question here. I thought this was a good place for new quilters to get information and for “old” quilters to share their experience.

So Joyce, Casey and any one else who hasn’t made a quilt… yet. Go ahead and ask question. Someone will know the answer.

Happy quilting, Tracey.



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  1. I love the purple sparkly material- looks fab!

  2. I love the undies on the outside hehe!

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